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Premium Cultivars is one of the finest online cannabis seed banks in the USA.

We work closely with and maintain strong relations with a number of growers across the country to provide customers with premium marijuana genetics at accessible price points.

We sell Feminized and Autoflower seeds in a variety of strains, from the legendary strains like OG Kush, Jack Herer and Sour Diesel to phenomenal contemporary classics like Obama Runtz, Sundae Driver and Gushers; all of which are sure to grow into modern icons.

By embracing the past and pushing into the future, Premium Cultivars will continue to innovate our breeding processes to ensure we can remain at the forefront of cannabis genetics and continue to offer customers weed seeds that are premium in name and in nature.We strive for the finest cannabis genetics at Premium Cultivars and we spare no expense sourcing the seeds you find for sale on this site.

All of our seeds are bred from genetically stable mother plants, all of our seeds are guaranteed to grow into female plants u2013 whether you buy Feminized seeds or Autoflower weed seeds.Our company is called Premium Cultivars because that is what we sell, the highest quality seeds on the market, you will not get poor genetics or weak seeds from us. We also aim to offer these amazing seeds for the most affordable prices, everyone should have access to the best weed seeds to grow in their home.

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