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Flash Back #2 from Sweet Seeds
  • aka Flash Back
Sweet Seeds
Flash Back #2
Mostly Sativa
THC: High

Sweet Seeds Flash Back #2 is a new hybrid with refined fruit flavours. It is based on well-known varieties Flo and White Widow. This sativa dominant strain consists of 60% sativa and 40% indica.The plant suits both for indoors and outdoors. It can grow up quite high like most sativa plants. Therefore it's recommended the defoliation. The plant is a good producer. It brings yields of 400-600 g/m2 indoors and 350-700 g/plant outdoors.The taste and aroma includes notes of strawberry, forest berries and humus. The strain has a high THC content (20%) and a low CBD content (0.9%) that provides the potent cerebral efect, brings euphoria and happiness.

Strain Specs
Mostly Sativa
Flowering Type
Release Year
Growing Information
Flowering Days (avg)
8 - 9 weeks
Growth Conditions
Avg Harvest (Indoors)
400 - 600 g/m²
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