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GrowSafe works in multiple ways: as a physical coating provide a barrier of defense against fungal attacks; by killing existing insects, their larvae and eggs on contact and by utilizing the natural plant protection in present in the seeds to control and repel insects. GrowSafe has a unique formulation that uses organic corn and soybean oils (as well as sunflower, almond and coconut oils) and a splash of citric acid to provide a non-toxic formulation that will blend easily without separating. This highly effective product is also easy on the environment and qualifies for EPA registration exemption as a minimum risk pesticide under FIFRA 25(b).

When used as directed, GrowSafe is:

  • Safe to use on clones until harvest
  • Non-phytotoxic
  • Safe to use around bees, ladybugs and other beneficials
  • Not harmful to the environment and can be used around pets and people


GrowSafe is also:

  • Versatile - Can be used on vegetables, fruits, ornamentals and in all types of cannabis growing facilities.
  • Easy-to-Use: No special equipment is needed; can be used with any type of sprayer.
  • Sustainable: Is produced in energy efficient and environmentally friendly facilities.
  • Tested: The efficacy of GrowSafe has been studied extensively, including by the State of Israel. 


Suggested Uses:

For use as a biopesticide (insecticide, miticide and fungicide) a wide range of crops.


This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases:

For use against Spider Mites (Tetranychidae), Aphids (Aphidoidea), Whiteflies (Aleyrodoidea) and Powdery Mildew .


OMRI Certified
Product Details
Recommended Usage
1.98%/L - 2.51%/L
Recommended Interval
6 - 10 days
Soybean Oil
Corn Oil
Sunflower Oil Coconut Oil Citric Acid & Water
Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children and pests. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water. Should irritation occur, seek medical attention. Use only as directed.
  • GrowSafe Field Trials in Israel
Use & Instructions


  1. Shake container well prior to dilution process.
  2. Prepare spray tank with required amount of water.
  3. Blend in GrowSafe, using the desired quantity (see mixing rates chart).
  4. Mix solution well, until you achieve a homogenous aqueous solution.

Do not add other products to the finished formulation.



Level Of Infestation Recommended GrowSafe % Add This To Make 1 Gal. - RTU
Preventative 1.5% 60ml/ 2 oz.
Moderate 2.0% - 2.5% 75 - 95ml/2.5 - 3.2 oz.
Severe 3.0% 115ml/3.9 oz.
For Treating Aphids 3.0% - 4.0% 115 - 150 ml/3.9 - 5.0 oz.


Early am or pm. Do not spray during high temperatures (over 85°F).
Indoors: Make sure main lights are off.
Outdoors: For best results, spray when ambient temperature is below 80°F.


  1. Use a high-quality sprayer to achieve uniform fine mist. *No need to remix formula since separation does not occur.
  2. Make sure spraying provides complete leaf and stem coverage, especially the underside of the leaves.
  3. PREVENTATIVE PROTOCOL: Spray every 6-10 days from clone to harvest.
  4. MODERATE PROTOCOL: Two (2) spraying applications per week, with a 3-day gap in between for the first two (2) weeks. Then reduce to preventative protocol.
  5. SEVERE PROTOCOL: Three (3) spraying applications with a 3-day gap in between. Then reduce to preventative protocol.


Ready to use (RTU post dilution solution) should be consumed within 12 hrs. post preparation.
Recommended Spray Time: Early am or pm. Do not spray during high temperatures (above 85°F).
Indoors: Make sure main lights are off.
Outdoors: For best results, spray when ambient temperature is below 80°F.

Environment: Can be used indoors, outdoors or in greenhouses.

Storage: Store in a cool location, out of direct sunlight. Do not freeze.

Diseases & Pests Controlled
  • Spider Mites
  • Tetranychidae
  • Aphids
  • Whiteflies
  • Aleyrodoidea
  • Powdery Mildew
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