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Aptus Dislike by Aptus
Aptus Dislike
Dislike prevents problems with flying, crawling and sucking insects that nestle on or around the plant. The preventive use of Dislike prevents problems with spider mites, thrips and aphids. Dislike contains a proprietary blend of essential oils that keep insects at a distance. Dislike is a 100% organic product.


Why Use Dislike?

  • No more problems with flying, crawling and sucking insects.
  • 100% organic and not harmful for the plant.
Product Details
Recommended Usage
0.42%/L - 0.85%/L
  • Aptus Dislike SDS
Use & Instructions

Directions for use:

  • For preventative treatment, use at the rate of 4 ml per liter. Use as a foliar spray making sure to thoroughly cover the surface and underside of leaves. Shake well before use. Spray at the time of lights turning off to prevent burns.
  • For present infestations, apply at the rate of 8ml per liter.
Diseases & Pests Controlled
  • Aphids
  • Spider Mites
  • Thrips
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