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BASF Pyrethrum TR Total Release by BASF
BASF Pyrethrum TR Total Release

Pyrethrum TR Micro Total Release Insecticide is a ready-to-use, ultra-low-volume fogger designed to effectively control a wide variety of greenhouse insects, including aphids, fungus gnats, mites and whiteflies, as well as numerous secondary insect pests.

Pyrethrum provides the effectiveness and convenience of a total release fogger, which gives growing operations quick, thorough coverage, excellent plant safety, low worker exposure and short reentry times. In addition, micro foggers reduce operating expenses because there's no expensive fogging equipment to maintain or repair, and no chemical mixing or cleanup. One 2-ounce canister of Pyrethrum covers up to 3,000 square feet.

Used as an early rotational insecticide, Pyrethrum gives growers in greenhouses, nurseries and garden centers broad-spectrum insect control on a wide variety of greenhouse crops, including herbs and vegetables.

Pyrethrum is labeled for use on bedding plants, cut flowers, flowering hanging baskets, foliage, potted flowering plants and ornamentals, as well as the following vegetable types: root and tuber, bulb, leafy, Brassica leafy, legume, fruiting and cucurbit.

Pyrethrum TR Total Release Protects Against:

  • Aphids
  • Fungus Gnats
  • Mites, including Spider Mites
  • Whiteflies

Attain TR Total Release Operational Benefits:

  • Total Release insecticides offer quick, easy application
  • Thorough coverage
  • Excellent plant safety
  • Low worker exposure and short re-entry times.
  • BASF Pyrethrum TR Total Release Pyrethrum Label & Schedule
  • BASF Pyrethrum TR Total Release Pyrethrum TR SDS
Diseases & Pests Controlled
  • Aphids
  • General Insecticide
  • Gnats
  • Spider Mites
  • Thrips
  • Whiteflies
  • Worms
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