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RootShield Plus - Granules by BioWorks
RootShield Plus - Granules

RootShield Plus is an OMRI Listed and EPA registered biological fungicide designed to prevent and suppress common root-borne diseases in organic growing. It contains two beneficial fungi that deliver an improved range of pathogen control:

  • Trichoderma harzianum Rifai strain T-22
  • Trichoderma virens strain G-41

The Trichoderma strains in RootShield Plus help eliminate fungal pathogens by colonizing the root systems of plants. This mutualistic relationship boosts biological diversity in the root zone and forms a physical barrier helpful in preventing infection. RootShield Plus provides 3 months of preventive control for the following diseases: Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Pythium, Fusarium , Thielaviopsis and Cylindrocladium .


REI: 0-hour, 4-hour when used as a dip or dust

PHI: 0-day

Rootshield Plus is also available in a wettable powder formulation.

Suggested Uses: For control and prevention of major fungal pathogens and resultant diseases on greenhouse and nursery vegetables, herbs, ornamentals, fruits, conifer tree seedlings, various trees, legumes, oil seeds and peanuts. One application will last for approximately 12 weeks, and can be used with a 0-hr REI. This product can be used in conjunction with certain other fungicides, see label and other online resources for details.



Shelf Life: Frozen: 12 months, Refrigerated: 9 months, Room temperature: 6 months

Active Ingredients/Guaranteed Analysis:

Trichoderma harzianum Rifai strain T-22.....1.15%
Trichoderma virens strain G-41....................0.61%


OMRI Certified
Product Details
Trichoderma harzianum Rifai strain T-22
Trichoderma virens strain G-41
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Use & Instructions

Application Rate:

This is a dry, granular product that can be mixed at the following rates:
  • 1.5 - 3 lbs. to 1 cubic yd of soil mix
  • Four(4) -  40 lb. bags to 100 cubic yd of soil mix


Environment: Aquaponics, Container Plants, Crops, Greenhouse, Grow Room, HoopHouses, Houseplants, Hydroponics, Interiorscapes, Orchards & Vineyards, Outdoors

Storage: Store in original container.

Diseases & Pests Controlled
  • Phytophthora
  • Rhizoctonia
  • Pythium
  • Fusarium
  • Thielaviopsis
  • Cylindrocladium
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