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BONIDE Revitalize Biofungicide by BONIDE
BONIDE Revitalize Biofungicide

BONIDE Revitalize Biofungicide is a broad-spectrum preventive biofungicide and bactericide. It utilizes the power of a naturally occurring beneficial bacterium, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747, to control and suppress fungal and bacterial diseases in plants. This bacterium triggers the plant's immune response to fight off pathogens. It will also colonize plant roots, which prevents fungi and bacteria from establishing there.

This product is very affordable to use. It offers fungal and bacterial protection for as little as 1 teaspoon per gallon in the concentrate formula. If you have small areas to treat and don't want to mess with mixing, the ready-to-use (RTU) formulation will give you a quick and easy solution.

Revitalize can be used as a foliar spray and as a soil drench. For top to bottom disease control, use it both ways. You can apply indoors or outdoors, but should only use it as a soil treatment on indoor plants. Some of the diseases you can expect control from include:

  • Blights
  • Mildew
  • Molds
  • Rots

This product is NOP compliant for use in home gardens and can be applied up to the day of harvest.


Suggested Uses:

For use on vegetables, fruits, nuts, ornamental trees, shrubs, flowering plants, houseplants and tropical plants grown in and around home gardens or home greenhouses.


This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases:

Diseases controlled by this product:

Anthracnose ( Colletotrichum species), Bacterial leaf Blight , spots and specks ( Erwinia, Pseudomonas and Xanthomonas species), Black mold , Brown Spot, Black Crown Rot ( Alternaria species). Black Spot of roses ( Diplocarpon rosae ), Gray Mold , Botrytis blight, Fruit Rot ( Botrytis species), Leaf spots ( Alternaria, Cercospora, Entomosporium, Helminthosporium, Myrothecium and Septoris species) and Powdery Mildews ( Podosphaera, Erysiphe, Golovinomyces, Sphaerotheca and Oidium species; Uncinula necator , Oidiopsis taurica and Leveillula taurica ).

Diseases suppressed by this product:

Downy Mildew ( Bremia lactucae , Peronospora and Plasmopara species ), Early Blight ( Alternaria solani ), Late Blight ( Phytophthora infestans ), Fire Blight ( Erwinia amylovora ); Disease suppression only in Pin Rot ( Alternaria/Xanthomonas complex ) and Scab ( Venturia species ).



Warning & Toxicities:

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Hazards to humans and domestic animals.

Revitalize Concentrate:

Prolonged or frequently repeated skin contact may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Avoid contact with eyes or clothing. Avoid breathing spray mist. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco or using the toilet.

Revitalize RTU:

Harmful if absorbed through skin. Harmful if inhaled. Prolonged or frequently repeated skin contact may cause allergic reactions in some individuals. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Avoid breathing spray mist. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco or using the toilet. Remove and wash contaminated clothing before reuse.


Active Ingredients/Guaranteed Analysis:

Revitalize Concentrate:

98.85%.............. Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747*
1.15% Other Ingredients
*Contains a minimum of 1 x 10 10 colony-forming units (cfu) per milliliter.


Revitalize RTU:

9.88%................ Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747*
90.12%...............Other Ingredients
Total………………………………………………………..100.00% *Contains a minimum of 5 x 10 8 colony-forming units (cfu) per milliliter.



Product Details
Recommended Usage
Recommended Interval
3 - 7 days
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747
  • BONIDE Revitalize Biofungicide Product Label (Concentrate)
  • BONIDE Revitalize Biofungicide Product Label (RTU)
  • BONIDE Revitalize Biofungicide SDS (Concentrate)
  • BONIDE Revitalize Biofungicide SDS (RTU)
Use & Instructions

This product can be applied up to and including the day of harvest.

Revitalize Concentrate :

  • Spray application for control of powdery mildews, leaf spots, anthracnose, gray mold and other diseases affecting leaves, flowers, fruit and other above-ground plant parts of home garden plants:
    • Mix 1 teaspoon of product per gallon of water and apply directly to plants using a hand pump sprayer or other suitable spray equipment.
    • Spray just enough to wet all leaves and fruit with minimum run-off or dripping.
    • Total coverage depends on the size of plants to be sprayed and the type of sprayer used.
    • Repeat as needed to maintain disease control, typically every 7-10 days.
    • If disease is prevalent or environmental conditions such as high humidity favor disease outbreak, increase the mixing rate to 1 tablespoon per gallon and shorten the interval between sprays to every 3-7 days.
  • Drench application for control of diseases affecting plant roots, tubers or other parts of plants in contact with soil in the home garden: Mix 1 teaspoon of product per gallon of water and apply in the soil by one of the following methods:
  • For potted plants (indoors or outdoors), apply in sufficient water to wet the entire root mass using a watering can or tank-fed watering wand. Do not water plants again until 24 hours after application.
  • Alternatively, use a hand-pump or other sprayer to spray the mixture on the soil surface in each pot, then immediately apply sufficient water to move the product into the roots.
  • For transplants, drench the roots with approximately 4 fl. oz. of mixture immediately before transplanting into pots or garden soil. Allow to soak into the root ball before transplanting.
  • For outdoor grown plants, use a watering can or sprayer to drench the soil in the planting furrow or transplant hole immediately before planting or transplanting. The amount of water required will depend on the size of the hole or length of furrow.
  • Alternatively, apply in the first watering after planting or transplanting, either by mixing directly into the water at the rate indicated above, or by spraying onto the soil surface at the base of each plant and immediately watering in with a watering can, hose, sprinkler or other watering device.

Application to lawns and other grass areas: :

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of product per gallon of water and apply as a fine spray to the surface of the lawn or grass area.
  • Total amount of mix required will depend on the type of sprayer used and area to be covered, but typically 2-5 gallons of spray mix may be required per 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn.
  • This product can be "watered in" for control of soil borne root and crown diseases by thorough watering immediately after application either with sprinklers or by spraying just before or during light rain.

Revitalize RTU:

  • Shake well before using.
  • Spray leaves, stems and new shoots to runoff, providing complete coverage of the entire plant.
  • For best results, treat plants before disease development or at the first visible signs of infection.
  • Repeat at weekly intervals, or as needed.
  • Spray interval may be shortened under conditions favorable to rapid disease development, such as high humidity, excessive rain or other conditions of extreme moisture.
  • Allow spray to dry at least 4 hours before watering if foliage will also be watered.



Store this product in its original container only, in an area inaccessible to children and pets. Store away from direct sunlight, feed or foodstuffs. Keep container tightly closed when not in use.


Diseases & Pests Controlled
  • Anthracnose
  • Bacterial Leaf Blight
  • Erwinia
  • Pseudomonas
  • Xanthomonas
  • Black Mold
  • Brown Spot
  • Black Crown Rot
  • Black Spot
  • Gray Mold
  • Botrytis Blight
  • Fruit Rot
  • Botrytis
  • Leaf Spots
  • Alternaria
  • Cercospora
  • Entomosporium
  • Helminthosporium
  • Myrothecium
  • Septoris
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Podosphaera
  • Erysiphe
  • Golovinomyces
  • Sphaerotheca
  • Oidium
  • Uncinula Necator
  • Oidiopsis Taurica
  • Leveillula Taurica
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