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Cultured Biologix Mercenary by Cultured Biologix
Cultured Biologix
Cultured Biologix Mercenary

Mercenary is an All-Natural Insecticide

Mercenary is an all-natural insecticide derived from essential oils that prevents and controls eggs, juveniles, and adult forms of soft-bodied insects. These insecticidal oils are combined with proprietary emulsifiers and surfactants for enhanced water-to-oil bonding, spreadability, and effectiveness against the target pests.

The Ingredients in Mercenary are simple

    • Sesame oil - 25%
    • Rosemary oil - 10%
    • Cinnamon oil - 5%
    • Clove oil - 2.5%
    • Peppermint oil - 1%
    • *Other Ingredients - 56.5%

*Oleic Acid, Stearic Acid, and water

This powerful insecticide is effective on many different forms of pests

Effective on Mites

  • 2-Spotted Spider Mites (Tetranychus urticae)
  • Hemp Russet Mites (Aculops cannabicola)
  • Broad Mites (Polyphagotarsonemus latus)

Effective on Aphids

  • Green Peach Aphids (Myzus persicae)
  • Rice Root Aphids (Rhopalosiphum abdominalis)

Effective on Thrips

  • Western Flower Thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis)
  • Chilli Thrips (Scirtothrips dorsalis)

Effective on Whitefly

  • Greenhouse Whitefly (Trialeurodes vaporariorum)
  • Silverleaf Whitefly (Bemisia tabaci)


Product Details
Recommended Usage
Recommended Interval
2 - 7 days
Sesame Oil
Rosemary Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Clove Oil
Peppermint Oil
  • Cultured Biologix Mercenary SDS
Use & Instructions

How to Use Mercenary

For use on all food, ornamental, turf, and non-food crops.

Foliar Spray Application

Dilute 15 mL (0.5 fl. oz.) per 1 gallon of water and apply as a foliar spray. Apply onto the foliage of the plant until canopy is evenly saturated. To ensure contact with the pest, cover the under and over sides of the leaves.

Heavy Infestation

Apply once a day for a heavy infestation and reduce applications to once every 3 days after infestation is controlled.

Light/Moderate Infestation

For a slight infestation, apply once every 2 or 3 days and reduce applications to once a week after infestation is controlled.

Preventative Maintenance

For preventative treatments, apply once a week from start to finish. For best results, foliar spray and allow time to dry before artificial lights come on, or before/after peak sun.

For best results, apply with an atomizer and allow time to dry before artificial lights come on, or before/after peak sun after spraying.

Soil Drench:

Dilute 15 – 45 mL (0.5 – 1.5 fl. oz.) per 1 gallon of water and drench the soil. Apply for 2-3 waterings straight then regain normal nutrient feedings. Apply as a drench once a week thereafter to ensure full control of root-based pests.

Diseases & Pests Controlled
  • Aphids
  • Fungus
  • Gnats
  • Spider Mites
  • Russet Mites
  • Broad Mites
  • Thrips
  • Whitefly
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