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Monterey Fruit Tree Spray Plus by Monterey Lawn Garden
Monterey Lawn Garden
Monterey Fruit Tree Spray Plus

Monterey Fruit Tree Spray Plus is a broad spectrum insecticide, fungicide and miticide for home garden use. This highly effective organic spray utilizes pyrethrins plus neem oil for fast and thorough action against a long list of targeted pests and diseases. Monterey Fruit Tree Spray Plus will act as an "exciter" to flush pests out of their hiding places and into direct contact with the spray.

  • For outdoor residential use only.
  • Kills the eggs, larval and adult stages of targeted insects while preventing fungal attacks.
  • Can be used up to the day of harvest - 0-day PHI (Pre-Harvest Interval).
  • OMRI listed for use in organic gardening.
  • For use on vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, roses, flowers, turfgrass and shrubs around the house.
  • This product is toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment. Do not apply this product while bees are actively visiting the treatment area.




    This product is toxic to fish and aquatic organisms. To protect the environment, do not allow pesticide to enter or run off into storm drains, drainage ditches, gutters or surface waters. Applying this product in calm weather when rain is not predicted for the next 24 hours will help to ensure that wind or rain does not blow or wash pesticide off the treatment area. Rinsing application equipment over the treated area will help avoid run off to water bodies or drainage systems.


    Storage: Do not store diluted solutions for later use.


Warning & Toxicities:

Do not use more than one time per day on the same plant or more than ten times per season. Do not apply if temperatures drop below 45°F. Do not let children or pets into the treated area until the spray has dried. Do not apply when pollinators are present in the treatment area.

Active Ingredients/Guaranteed Analysis:

Pyrethrins……………………………………………………. 0.25%

Clarified Hydrophobic Extract of Neem Oil…………….. 70.00%

Other Ingredients………………………………………… 29.75%


OMRI Certified
Product Details
Recommended Usage
Recommended Interval
7 - 14 days
Neem Oil
  • Monterey Fruit Tree Spray Plus Product Label
  • Monterey Fruit Tree Spray Plus SDS
Use & Instructions


Monterey Fruit Tree Spray Plus is most effective when applied in early to mid-morning or late afternoon when adult insect pests, such as whiteflies, are normally sedentary on the undersides of the foliage.

  • For outdoor residential use only.
  • Not for use in food-handling areas.
  • Use spray solutions within several hours of preparation for maximum effectiveness.
  • Do not use more than 1 time per day on the same plants.
  • Do not apply this product more than 10 times per season.
  • For optimal performance, do not mix with cold water or apply under cold ambient temperatures (less than 45°F).
  • Do not apply to wilted or otherwise stressed plants, or to newly transplanted material prior to root establishment.
  • When using in conjunction with beneficial insects, conduct a small trial to assure compatibility before using on a large scale.
  • Exercise care in timing applications to early morning/late evening to minimize the potential for leaf burn.
  • Do not mix with adjuvants (spreaders, stickers, extenders, etc.).
  • Use with care on plants with tender tissue and do not apply to known spray sensitive plant species such as: impatiens flowers, fuchsia flowers, hibiscus flowers, some rose flowers, ornamental olive trees, red maples, some carnation varieties or similar plants without prior testing.
  • Not for use in outdoor residential misting systems.
  • Do not allow adults, children or pets to enter the treated area until sprays have dried.



  • As a preventative, apply 7-10 day schedule until the potential for disease development is no longer present.
  • To control disease already present, apply on a 7 day schedule until disease pressure is eliminated. Then continue spraying on a 14 day schedule to prevent the disease from reoccurring.



  • Apply Monterey Fruit Tree Spray Plus at first sign of insects/mites.
  • Most effective when applied on a 7 to 14 day schedule.
  • For heavy insect populations, spray on a 7 day schedule.


Mix at the rate of 2 tbsp (1 fl oz) per gallon of water. Thoroughly mix solution and spray all plant leaf surfaces (including undersides of leaves) until completely wet. Excessive application is unnecessary and to be avoided. Frequently agitate solution as you spray.


The sprayer attached to the container is ready-to-use. Simply attach to your garden hose and follow the simple, illustrated instructions on the manufacturer's label.

  • I pint(16 oz) container of the RTS (Ready-to-Spray) will cover 2,500 sq ft or equivalent.



Diseases & Pests Controlled
  • Ants
  • Aphids
  • Armyworms
  • Beetles
  • Boxelder Bugs
  • Cabbage Worms
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Chiggers
  • Crickets
  • Earwigs
  • Fungus Gnats
  • Grasshoppers
  • Lacebugs
  • Leafhoppers
  • Leafminers
  • Leafrollers
  • Loopers
  • Mealybugs
  • Mites
  • Scales
  • Spider Mites
  • Squash Bugs
  • Squash Vine Borers
  • Stink Bugs
  • Tent Caterpillars
  • Thrips
  • Tomato Hornworms
  • Webworms
  • Weevils
  • Whiteflies
  • Powdery Mildew
  • Black Mold
  • Brown Spot
  • Dollar Spot
  • Snow Mold
  • Downy Mildews
  • Anthracnose
  • Rust
  • Leaf Spots
  • Botrytis
  • Needle Rust
  • Scab And Flower
  • Twig Blight
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