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balEnce Fly Spray by Rincon Vitova
Rincon Vitova
balEnce Fly Spray

EPA approved for organic programs, balEnce Fly Spray is a liquid suspension of the beneficial fungus Beauveria bassiana . The Beauveria bassiana spores infect and parasitize flies when the flies come in contact with the fungus. Once applied, flies die in approximately 36 hours. BalEnce Fly Spray maintains a residual effect in the treated areas for up to about 21 days.

Be sure to read the information for fly control in equine , swine , poultry , and dairy settings.

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Use & Instructions

Apply to animal rearing areas, housing and holding areas, and manure piles. Each 15 ounce container of balEnce Fly Spray treats up to about 50,000 square feet. Shake vigorously before application and apply balEnce Fly Spray using a backpack sprayer or fogging equipment. It can also be applied by being dabbed onto animals.

Examine fly pupae in the manure after suggested treatments to determine additional application needs. Control should last 21 to 90 days depending on the temperature. Use no more than 60 ounces per building per area a week. For best results, turn fans off or to lowest level to ensure surface area coverage. Can be used in colder months to help control impending spring fly blooms.



Store in a cool, dry place in original container and out of direct sunlight. Do not store at temperatures exceeding 80° F (27° C).

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