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Summit Mosquito Bits by Summit
Summit Mosquito Bits

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Summit™ Mosquito Bits MSDS

Marshy swampy areas inundated with larvae? Summit Mosquito Bits can be used in any standing water including irrigation ponds, stock tanks, animal watering troughs, fallen leaves, etc. Sprinkle or broadcast Mosquito Bits (Quick Kill) as a shock to quickly annihilate the larval population. Corn cob granules coated in Bti, the Bits (do not last long but) provide a punch, turning water black with larvae, to a clear pool void of future mosquitoes.

A week after application either supplement with Mosquito Dunks, for long term control or continue to add Bits on a bi-weekly basis.

Harmless to beneficial insects, pets, birds, fish, horses, livestock or wildlife.

The Mosquito Bits are now labeled to control Fungus Gnats in plant beds or pots! Utilizing a similar mode of action for control of mosquito larvae, the Bits, either sprinkled on the soils surface or mixed with potting soil prior to planting will kill fungus gnat larvae with the same safety and target specific control offered for mosquito larvae.

30 oz container covers up to 8,000 square feet.

  • Easy to use – sprinkle or broadcast over standing water to kill mosquito larvae
  • Quick acting, starts killing mosquito larvae within minutes
  • Harmless to beneficial insects, pets, birds, fish, horses, livestock


Shelf Life: Indefinite

Active Ingredients/Guaranteed Analysis:

2.86%.......... Bacillus thuringiensis sp israelensis *
97.14%..........Other Ingredients

* Potency: 7,000 International Toxic Units (ITU) per mg of product. Potency units should not be used to adjust rates beyond those specified in the product instructions.


Product Details
Bacillus thuringiensis sp israelensis
  • Summit Mosquito Bits SDS
  • Summitu2122 Mosquito Bits MSDS
Use & Instructions

General Applications: Sprinkle 1 tspn. of Mosquito Bits per 25 square feet or 1 tbsp. per 75 square feet uniformly over the over the surface of standing water found around the home. Seven to fourteen day intervals are recommended for repeated applications during the mosquito season. Longer periods of mosquito control can be achieved with Mosquito Dunks .

Fungus Gnat Control: Sprinkle or spread 1/2 cup of Mosquito Bits granules per square foot of soil. Water as you would normally. The watering will release the Bti into the soil where the larvae of the Fungus Gnat will feed on it and die. Repeat applications at three-week intervals for continued control.

If spraying the growing media is easier, you can also mix bits in water at a rate of 4 tablespoons per gallon of water. Wait 5 minutes then apply treated water directly to the soil or growing media surface. Discard or compost granules when finished. This treatment controls fungus gnat larvae for up to 3 weeks. Repeat treatment if insects reappear.


Application Rate: Broadcast 1 tsp. per 25 sq. ft. or 1 Tbs. per 75 sq. ft. every 1-2 weeks during mosquito season.

Environment: Outdoors, Pond & Environment, Interiorscapes, Container Plants, Houseplants

Storage: Store in original container

Diseases & Pests Controlled
  • Gnats
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