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Beta Balls by Alpha Nutrient
Alpha Nutrient
Beta Balls

Massively increase your microbial colonies with our microbial boosting granules. This perfectly blended formulation of trace minerals, kelp, biochar, and molasses are ingredients commonly used as food for microbial stimulation. After a drying process, fermented grain extract containing fulvic acid and amino acids are sprayed onto the granules. 

• Provides trace minerals for plant growth
• Provides organic matter for better soil structure
• Acts as a food source for bacterial populations
• Acts as a soil conditioner
• Acts as a natural soil buffer to prevent soil acidification
• Contains sugars and carbohydrates
• Contains plant-derived fulvic acid and amino acids
• Contains kelp and biochar
• Raises your soils cation exchange capacity
• Made with natural ingredients

Chemical Composition
Secondary Nutrients
Non-Fertilizer Elements
Specific Gravity/Density 1 g/cm3
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