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Bioki - Sodium Silicate by Antika Officina Botanika
Antika Officina Botanika
Bioki - Sodium Silicate

It protects plants and strengthens plant tissues


The sodium silicate forms a film of vitreous on the cuticle of the aerial organs of plants hindering the activity of insects with biting oral system - sucking fungal parasites.

Moreover, the presence of the silicon causes a hardening of plant tissues and stimulates the induction of resistance with the production of phytoalexins.

Composition : Aqueous solution of sodium tetrasilicate of 98%, Sodium Silicate 38-40°

Conditions of use

To use during vegetative stage with a dose of 3 kg/100 liters of water and 1.5 kg/100 liters of water during the vegetative activity. In very hot weather, divide in half the dosage.

Chemical Composition
Secondary Nutrients
Non-Fertilizer Elements
Specific Gravity/Density 1 g/cm3
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