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Geoflora Nutrients
Geoflora Nutrients began in an industrial lot next to a bunch of greenhouses, with a rented cement mixer, a whole lot of organic ingredients, a 12-pack of beer, and some can-do attitude. With the help of a renowned scientist in the hydro space and a lot of trial and error, Geoflora’s revolutionary granular formula was created.

After years of using traditional liquid fertilizer, we were tired of “magic in a bottle” nutrients with questionable components. We wanted to create a nutrient system with a focus on transparency: our label includes high-quality ingredients with no hidden components and is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t ask you to pay for water. The bonus? It’s also organic!

Geoflora Nutrients takes the guesswork out of organic gardening and makes it accessible for all. Traditionally, an organic gardener has to source ingredients themselves, mix and measure and apply dusty components, and hope for the best. We have created a granular form factor that delivers balanced organic ingredients to your grow with a simple, safe, and dustless top-dress application. This allows hobby gardeners and commercial cultivators alike to enjoy a high-quality, easy-to-use fertilizer at a reduced cost.

No more ingredient sourcing, component mixing, or dusty application required.

Just clean, simple granules for your organic grow.
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