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Hesi is well known as a producer of high quality nutrients at affordable prices from the Netherlands. A family company that produces nutrients and offers valuable supplements for all plants. A source of well-being that turns every plant into the body-builders of all plants. High quality has been the main characteristic of Hesi's fertilisers and plant supplements from the outset. Such as valuable additives as amino acids, enzymes, and plant sugar turn every product into a true "source of health" for plants. Through intensive research into the secrets of plants, metabolism has led to HESI successfully developing an optimally balanced composition for each phase of the plant life cycle. The result is a clearly organised range of fertilisers for universal use instead of a designated fertiliser for every single plant species! Extra vital substances act as a balsam on the plants increasing their energy. Thus cultivation of indoor, garden and patio plants turns into a true delight. At the Hesi factory in Kerkrade (The Netherlands) all products are mixed, filled, and packed by our own efforts before they are sent directly to customers. State-of-the-art technology and integrated operating software combine business processes of storage, production, wholesale and financial accounting into an integral edifice, which guarantees optimum transparency and optimised production. After 25 years of creating experience worldwide, we are known for our scientific know-how and high quality products. Over the years, we created a great product line combining Hesi Boosters, Hesi Soil, Hesi Hydro, Hesi Coco, and our newest child to the family: our Hesi GrowMix. Additionally, we created our Hesi Pack and our StarterBox for those who need everything in one package to start their plant's life cycle with our nutrients. Thank you for being part of the Hesi Family

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